‘ Turning from the church I gazed across the lake beyond the field of fire towards the setting sun’

This mosaic invites a person standing at the centre of the spiral text to turn around on the spot and enage with the history of the surrounding landscape. A user is invited to imagine that they have been transported back in time to the 18th Century when they could turn from the view of the historic Holy Trinity Church, look across the cockle ponds ( now a model boating lake ) ,beyond the ‘field-of-fire’, i.e the flat open area outside of the town’s historic inner defensive ramparts, where attackers would be easy targets to gunfire; stopping to face due West to see the setting sun.

Jan O’Highway 2005

The mosaic, commissioned by Gosport Borough Council, forms the focus for a new entrance to Walpole Park in Gosport town Centre en route to the redeveloped waterfront