Boundary Feature: Magnolia Court, Wolverhampton UK

Richard Bent, artist blacksmith, and Jan O’Highway, artist, have worked together on several Public Art commissions, the latest being the Boundary Feature for Magnolia Court, installed in January 2007.

The 42 steel and ceramic roundels which tell the history of the area, from ancient fossils, early settlements, farming, and industrial development through to the present day, are central features of the 100 metre perimeter feature around this new housing development.

Richard Bent invited Jan to collaborate on this work by creating glazed and fused ceramic pieces to bring colour into his overall design. Each forged steel panel includes one of Jan’s ceramics, these both complement Richard’s imaginative historical figurative work, and visually link the designs to her centrepiece series of 5 abstract mosaic roundels that reflect the dynamism of our contemporary world.

Magnolia Court, Muchall Road, Wolverhampton WV4, UK

42 circular details of forged steel/ceramic artwork
Feature made up of 37 separate sections of lengths varying from 2 metres to 4 metres
Total length of the perimeter feature 100 metres
Total weight involved 3.5 tonnes